Results & Awards



Trial results from all Obedience & Agility trials are published
on the 'Results' pages of the relevant Advisory Committee's website.


2018 End of Year Club Awards
OBEDIENCE CCD Dog Sue Wynbergen & Remy
  CCD Bitch Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Novice Bitch Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Open A John Fickling & Candy
  Titled Utility John Fickling & Candy
RALLY OBEDIENCE Novice Rally Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Advanced Rally Kate Lloyd & Badger
  Excellent Rally Kate Lloyd & Badger
AGILITY Novice Agility Jo Shirlock & Luna
  Excellent Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Open Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Master Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Novice Jumping Melissa Gourlay & Oscar
  Excellent Jumping Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Open Jumping Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Titled Master Agility Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Titled Master Jumping Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Novice Gamblers Julie Jones & Hamish
  Novice Snooker Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Excellent Snooker Melissa Jolley & Rosie
  Novice Strategic Pairs Melissa Jolley & Rosie
  Excellent Strategic Pairs Jo Shirlock & Karri
  Top Obedience Dog in Trials Sue Wynbergen & Remi
  Top Obedience Bitch in Trials John Fickling & Candy
  Top Rally Dog in Trials Kate Lloyd & Badger
  Top Agility Dog in Trials Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Highest New Obedience Title Gained Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Highest New Agility Title Gained Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Junior Handler Chloe Bartlett
Encouragement Awards Puppy Agility  Megan Behrent & Ruby
  Beginners Agility Joy Kellett & Chachi
  Pre-Trial Agility Alyson Pilbrook & Molly
  Grade 1 Deb McGuire & Falcon
  Grade 2 Ken and Nat Cooke & Star
  Grade 3 Sandra Smith & Luci
  Grade 4 Chamaine Kenner & Elvezet
  Grade 5 Karen Mcfarlane & Nadia