Results & Awards


Trial results from all Obedience & Agility trials are published
on the 'Results' pages of the relevant Advisory Committee's website.

2019 End of Year Club Awards
  CCD Bitch Elaine Schahinger & Roxy
  Novice Dog Sheila O'Neill & Louie
  Open A John Fickling & Candy
  Titled Utility Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
RALLY OBEDIENCE Novice Rally Julie Jones & Hamish
  Advanced Rally Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Excellent Rally Jenny Sullivan & Tevi
  Master Rally Kate Lloyd & Badger
  Titled Master Rally Kate Lloyd & Badger
AGILITY Novice Agility Chloe Bartlett & Lexie
  Novice Agility Melissa Gourlay & Oscar
  Excellent Agility Aloisia Kotsiou & Dazzy
  Open Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Titled Master Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Novice Jumping Mel Maiolo & Chilli
  Excellent Jumping Chloe Bartlett & Lexie
  Open Jumping Helen Randall & Toohey
  Master Jumping Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Titled Master Jumping Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Novice Gamblers Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Excellent Gamblers Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Novice Snooker Sophie Wriht & Maggie
  Excellent Snooker Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Novice Strategic Pairs Jennie Sullivan & Tevi
  Excellent Strategic Pairs Sophie Wright & Maggie
  Top Obedience Dog in Trials Sheila O'Neill & Louie
  Top Obedience Bitch in Trials John Fickling & Candy
  Top Rally Dog in Trials Kate Lloyd & Badger
  Top Agility Dog in Trials Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Highest New Obedience Title Gained Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
  Highest New Agility Title Gained Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Junior Handler Chloe Bartlett
Encouragement Awards Beginners Agility Taylor Parsons & Kyra
  Pre-Trial Agility Jemima Green & Zac
  Grade 1 Brian Spalding & Shelby
  Grade 2 Russell Peters & Callie
  Grade 3 Barb Simpson & Tam
  Grade 4 Megan Behrendt & Ruby
  Grade 5 Paul Kolecki & Bonnie


Here are some photos from our Presentation Dinner held 16th November 2019.