No training for Sunday 22nd February

Training is cancelled due to the hot weather.  Keep yourselves and your dogs cool!



Calendar of Events


Sunday February 1st - Back to training!


March 8th & 9th (Sunday/Monday) - No training due to Adelaide Cup long weekend


March 28th (Saturday) - Our double Agility Trials!


April 3rd - 6th - No training due to the Easter Bunny visiting


April 26th (Sunday) - No training due to Anzac Day


May 31st ( Sunday) - After training stick around for the Family Fun Day!


June 7th & 8th (Sunday/Monday) - No training due to Queen's Birthday long weekend


June 13th (Saturday) - Our Obedience Trial!


June 27th (Saturday) - Quiz Night!  Get your brainiac friends together!!!


October 4th & 5th (Sunday/Monday) - No training due to Labour Day long weekend


October 10th (Saturday) - Our Double Agility Trials!


October 31st (Saturday) - Presentation Dinner!!  Come along for dinner and maybe get a trophy!


November 17th (Tuesday) - Our Annual General Meeting


November 29th (Sunday) - Club Breakup & Kids Christmas Party! No training but lots of fun and games for kids & dogs alike!!