Training has now resumed however, certain restrictions will be in place in line with the Australian Government’s Covid-19 advice.  These are:

·      Maintain 1.5m social distance.

·      Only one person to attend class with your dog if possible.

·      Memberships will be taken from the window on the veranda - only one person at a time and keep to the taped distancing marks.

·      Canteen service will be available through the canteen window.

·      Only Club Officials are permitted inside the clubrooms.

·      Please do not congregate on the veranda.

·      Do not pet other people’s dog/s.

·      If using the bench seats on the edge of the oval, please maintain the 1.5m social distance.

·      Place your class fees in the money collection jar as advised by your instructor.


The Club has prepared a Covid-Safe Plan that is available on site and hand sanitiser stations will be available.


Please follow the guideline of “Get In, Train, Get Out”.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR OBEDIENCE CLASSES (see separate post on Facebook for Agility Training)

·      Only Instructors are to handle the training equipment.

·      Handlers are encouraged to bring their own small mat to use in class.

·      Handlers will be required to examine their own dog in the Stand for Exam exercise.

·      Figure 8 exercise will be performed around cones, not people.


It may be necessary to vary class times depending on numbers attending in order to maintain social distancing.  Please be prepared to be flexible and keep yourself updated of any changes via Facebook and the Club’s website.

Lastly, if your dog is overwhelmed when you arrive, you will both benefit greatly by simply walking around the perimeter of the training area whilst feeding your dog tasty treats.  Do not feel that you need to rush into class but take the time to reacquaint your dog with the environment first.

Thank you for your patience and support during this very trying time and we look forward to seeing you and your dog at training soon.


We also have a YouTube channel for help with your training.  Please visit the link below: