Results & Awards


Trial results from all Obedience & Agility trials are published
on the 'Results' pages of the relevant Advisory Committee's website.

2023 End of Year Club Awards
  CCD Hayley Quemard & Meara
  Open A Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
RALLY OBEDIENCE Novice Rally Megan Behrendt & Ruby
  Titled Master Rally Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
AGILITY Novice Agility Chloe Threadgold & Darcy
  Excellent Agility Jenny Barnes & Molly
  Titled Master Agility Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Novice Jumping Jemma Hutchesson & Loki
  Excellent Jumping Jenny Barnes & Molly
  Open Jumping Mel Maiolo & Chilli
  Master Jumping Mel Maiolo & Chilli
  Titled Master Jumping Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Top Obedience Dog in Trials Sheila O'Neill & Louie
  Top Obedience Bitch in Trials Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
  Top Rally Dog in Trials Brigitte Kepler & Darcy
  Top Agility Dog in Trials Michelle Chapman & Asha
  Highest New Obedience Title Gained Hayley Quemard & Meara
  Highest New Agility Title Gained Mel Maiolo & Chilli
  Highest New Rally Title Gained Brigitte Kepler & Georgie
  Junior Handler Alyssa McAuley & Ace & Kylo
Encouragement Awards    
  Beginners Michael Smith & Charlie
  Intermediate Alana Moxon & Winter
  Social Wendy Welton & Johnny
  Advanced Obedience Izabella McKay & Rufus