Membership fees

Joining Fee - payable once only  $20.00
Annual subscriptions:  
Single  $20.00
Double/Family  $30.00
Single Pensioner  $13.00
Double/Family Pensioner  $15.00
Junior/Student  $15.00
Class fee per training session:  
Obedience  $2.00
Agility  $2.00
Rally Obedience  $2.00


The club accepts EFTPOS however cash is preferred and we do also offer a free introductory session to allow you to get the feel of the class situation before you commit financially to joining the club.  

The Head Instructor will individually assess anyone who comes to the club after having trained elsewhere and wishes to enter a higher class than Beginners.  Advance notice of such a request would be appreciated.  

All other new members are not required to book or to let us know you're coming.  Just arrive by 9:00am on a Sunday morning or 7:00pm on a Wednesday evening and let the instructors in the clubrooms know that you're new to the club.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to handle dogs whilst on the grounds.  Junior handlers aged 12 to 16 are allowed in class at the discretion of the Head Instructor and must have an adult parent/guardian remain present during training sessions.

Proof that your dog is fully vaccinated is required; please bring your dog's veterinary vaccination certificate with you when you first attend the club grounds.  

Dogs must be kept on lead at all times except when supervised in off lead exercises in class.  We ask you to make sure your dog's collar is suitable and a good fit, whether it be a fixed or slip collar, and that you have a fabric or leather lead 1.5m - 2.0m in length (not a chain or retractable lead).  Collars and leads can be purchased at competitive prices from the club.

The club grounds belong to a primary school with whose management we have a good working relationship and share a pride in the condition of the grounds and facilities.  Please park, conduct yourselves and attend to your dogs with consideration for others who also use the grounds.