Agility Results Form

Hi All, Just a note regarding Agility qualification records
Please note that Chloe Threadgold has taken over this task from Bron G for the new trailing year. We thank Bron for her contribution over the past few years. Bron has passed on records for the 2020 trophy year so no need to re-forward those already submitted. Chloe can be emailed the results at
Please see the revised master record sheet available in the files section to be used for any new classes you may enter, or for the newbies to start recording on! 
To assist in record keeping there has been a few small changes to the record sheet and it is also now preferred that when you begin a new class that you use one master record sheet per class (AD, JD etc) to keep all of your qualifications for the class on one sheet (not necessary if you have already started a record sheet with multiple classes on it). This is to kindly assist the cross checking process.
Good luck for the trialing year!
Cheers :)